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Faith Initative

About the Initiative

The Young Democrats of America’s Faith Initiative aims to make clear to young voters the deep connection between what the Democratic Party stands for and the values held by young people of faith in America. We believe that young Americans of faith are seeking out leaders who value opportunity for all, understand what it means to love our neighbor, and promote a shared responsibility for improving the lives of others. As the Republican Party embraces policies increasingly out of step with these values, we want to make sure young people know the common good principles at the heart of Democratic policy priorities.

What We’re DOING

The YDA Faith Initiative exists to connect with young people of faith and invest and engage them in the work and policies of the Democratic Party. Both recent research and campaign case studies have proved that the Democratic Party shares foundational values with people of faith, but we need to do a better job of reaching out. Through intentional engagement, trainings, leadership development, and innovative communications and campaign strategies, we will make a comprehensive effort to connect with religious Millennials and begin building a network of faith-motivated Democratic Party leaders for the 21st century.

In March 2012 & 2013 the Faith Initiative held nationwide summits, 2012 at the Catholic University of America in Washington D.C., 2013 at Columbia University in New York, NY, bringing together young Democrats to rally behind these ideas, network and take home a message of faithful action.

How YOU can get involved

The YDA Faith Initiative seeks energetic, thoughtful and spiritual young Democrats to join our ranks and make a difference NOW. Click here to complete our sign-up form!