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YDA’s Committee structure is designed to advance the organization’s key priorities through participation from state and local chapter leaders. As a national organization that meets only a handful of teams each year, driving YDA’s goals to completion on a year-round basis requires a well organized committee structure.

YDA has two types of committees: Standing and Select. Standing Committees are composed of a Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary appointed by the President of YDA, with one representative from each chartered unit. Select Committees consist of a Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary, plus one representative from each region appointed by the regional director. (For more information on YDA’s regions, please see the Leadership Structure page)

YDA’s current Standing Committees are:

  • Credentials: Handles official certification of voting credentials at YDA meetings & conventions.
  • Rules and Charter: Handles all amendments to the YDA Charter and Bylaws.
  • Resolutions: Handles all resolutions submitted to YDA for approval.

YDA’s current Select Committees are:

  • Budget: Approves the national YDA budget.
  • Campaign: Establishes all campaign plans on a national level including the Alliance peer-to-peer field programs to ensure Democratic success at the voting booth.
  • Chapter Building: Works with YDA’s chartered units to stengthen our presence at the state and local level.
  • Site Selection: Manages the process for selecting the host chapter and further to coordinate planning with that chapter for the national convention.