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Leadership Structure

YDA’s leadership structure has ensured YDA continues to exist on a national, state and local level with a consistent transition of leadership for more than 75 years.

NATIONAL OFFICERS: There are nine people elected every two years by the delegates to YDA’s National Convention. The Officers guide decisions for the organization. These are distinguished positions which take dedication to building the sustainability of YDA.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Serving as the formal body in the YDA charter, this includes Officers, Presidential Appointments, Caucus Chairs, Regional Directors, College Democrats President and the past YDA President. The Executive Committee can make decisions between meetings of the National Committee. It is comprised of 46 people.

NATIONAL COMMITTEE: This is the governing body of YDA between conventions. It is comprised of the Executive Committee plus three people from each state, President, National Committeeman and National Committeewoman. This body can change the charter, pass resolutions, etc.

REGIONS: The membership of the YDA is divided into eight Regions. Each Region elects officers, establishes its own by-laws, and selects representatives to the select committees and the Judicial Council. Regions convene meetings in accordance to the bylaws.  Read more and find your region…

NATIONAL STAFF: YDA employs staff members on a full, part-time and campaign season basis.

INTERNS: Internships with YDA are available on a national and state level.

JUDICIAL COUNCIL: Handles any ethical disputes and disputes under the YDA Charter.