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Voter Suppresion

Voter Suppression: The Republican War on Voting

Based on model legislation written by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), Republican-controlled legislatures around the country have been rushing voter suppression bills into law in dozens of states around the country since early 2011.

Their tactics range from disenfranchising photo ID bills, to changes in registration requirements and regulations, but their goal is clear — keep likely Democratic voters from executing the right to vote. While certain states like Texas and Wisconsin have already passed Photo ID bills which disproportionately affect students, people of color, the elderly, the working poor and people with disabilities and disenfranchise an estimated 11% of eligible voters — there is still hope.

Grassroots efforts to defeat voter suppression efforts have succeeded in states like Maine and New Hampshire and are keeping bad bills at bay in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Furthermore, the Department of Justice recently announced that the effects of new election laws on voters will be closely scrutinized. And in states where voter suppression bills are now law, groups are organizing to educate voters about the changes and to assist them in jumping through the hoops Republicans have placed between them and the ballot box.

While this has been an all out assault on the fundamental right to vote — we are organized and fighting back against the Republican War on Voting.

The Young Democrats’ Core Message:

  • The right to vote is fundamental to our democracy and protecting that right is crucial.
  • While they make false claims about “voter fraud” there’s no disguising Republicans’ real intention with this slew of laws — all of which target Democratic-leaning constituencies.
  • We agree that the integrity of the ballot box is crucial and that’s why we need to keep partisan politics out of the process of voter registration access, because if the Republicans have their way — they will throw the foundation of democracy out the window in order to gain power.

Do you have a grandmother who recently gave up her drivers license? Or a friend attending college who lacks an government-issued ID? There are numerous reasons why people don’t have the photo IDs required by these new Republican laws and with few exceptions, under the new rules they simply won’t be able to vote. No matter your party, if you believe in Democracy, join us in standing up against voter suppression and protecting the right to vote.