An Update from the Buckeye State

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O-H! Greetings from America's favorite swing state! Here in Ohio, we know our Election results will have a major impact on the nation, and we are taking this responsibility very seriously. We are Fired Up, Ready to Go! and focused on talking to as many voters as we can over the next 48 days.

On Saturday, September 22nd, The Ohio Young Democrats are holding a statewide Day of Action. We will start our day by hearing from Senator Sherrod Brown, who has been committed to young people throughout his public service career. About a dozen counties throughout our state have been busy recruiting Young Democrats to gather Saturday morning and canvass for President Obama, Senator Sherrod Brown, as well as local candidates up and down the ballot. Between the counties participating, we are expecting around 200 volunteers. Ohio Young Democrats are enthusiastic and motivated to make our state and country proud on November 6th.

Gen Murphy
Ohio Young Democrats