An Update from YDAZ

An Update from YDAZ

Aug 09, 2012 | | | 0 Comments

It is an exciting time to be a Young Democrat in the State of Arizona. For the first real time in two decades we have the opportunity to gain a US Senate Seat, with Dr. Richard Carmona; we have a real opportunity to gain several seats in the US Congress; the President is in play in Arizona, and perhaps most exciting is the fact that for the first time in decades we have an opportunity to gain the State House or Senate. Democrats all across the state are jumping with joy at these possibilities, but we all know – especially us Young Democrats—that to achieve these victories will take a great deal of hard work.

Young Democrats across the state are helping out however they can. We have members serving our candidates as interns, field organizers, finance staff, field directors and even campaign managers. They’re putting in the hard work.

Our college and high school chapters are gearing up for the school year, which starts in August here in Arizona – a change made to avoid the hottest summer months. Following up on the actions by our most successful college campus – the University of Arizona—we’re beginning coordinating with OFA for their Youth Focused Voter Registration Drives.  This past Tuesday about twenty leaders from our college chapters hopped on a great – although buggy- videoconference with the State Director for OFA AZ and the OFA National Youth Vote Coordinator. We’re hoping to help out with OFA’s goal of roughly 8,000 newly registers youngsters on our campuses. Our students will be out in the hot Arizona sun registering their piers straight until the October filing deadline.

Among these college chapters is our newly chartered chapter at Northern Arizona University. These YDs reorganized a year ago, on their own, and worked hard to make a difference on their campus. Their leadership has been involved in local legislative campaigns, county and municipal campaigns, and even congressional races. Their experience in the field has given them tools to lead their chapter to success. It wasn’t until June that they were officially chartered into YDAZ and through that YDA. This chapter is an exciting development to help us organize our young people in the northern part of the state.

All in all, YDAZ is moving forward in exciting ways. We’re willing to put in the hard work to turn the state. We’re also excited to work as a coordinated state in our efforts for the first time in quite a while! We’re ready for November.