Democratic Victories

Democratic Victories

Nov 14, 2012 | | | 0 Comments

Last Tuesday was a memorable night for all of us. Thanks to your efforts, we re-elected the President, grew our majority in the Senate, and picked up seats in the House. Young voters showed up to the polls in greater numbers than even in 2008, an overwhelming majority of whom supported President Obama for a second term.  In fact, several swing states such as Ohio, Florida, Virginia and Pennsylvania–at least 80 electoral votes–would have had completely different outcomes if it weren’t for young voters who were the margin of victory for President Obama.

Because of our grassroots activism, the Democratic Party is stronger than ever. We are so proud that YDA chapters across the country played an integral role in securing these victories.

This year was also the first ever launch of the YDA Millennial Promise Project--a group of promising candidates close to the Millennial Generation or candidates who promised to support the priorities and values of young Americans.

Congratulations to the first class of the YDA Millennial Promise Project as well as to other young, newly-elected Democratic officials:

Senator-elect Chris Murphy (CT)
Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren (MA)
Congressman-elect Joaquin Castro (TX)
Congresswoman-elect Tulsi Gabbard (HI)
Congressman-elect Alan Grayson (FL)
Congressman-elect Joe Kennedy III (MA)
Congressman-elect Patrick Murphy (FL)
Congresswoman-elect Carol Shea-Porter (NH)
Congresswoman-elect Kyrsten Sinema (AZ)
Congressman-elect Eric Swalwell (CA)

And to both YDA-endorsed winning ballot initiatives:

Education Maryland Kids in support of the Maryland DREAM Act
Washington United for Marriage in support of same-sex marriage in Washington

YDA would again like to congratulate and thank all of the chapters and individuals involved in this year’s election. Stay tuned for actions, news, and announcements regarding the fiscal showdown in the days ahead.

Democratically yours,

Marshall Spevak
Campaign Director
Young Democrats of America