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YDA is proud to offer all of our state and local chapters a powerful online chapter technology system we call DEMopolis. DEMopolis gives even the smallest local YDA chapter some of the most powerful online (and offline) organizing tools available.

DEMopolis Helps Your Chapter …

  • Improve communication (email and offline) with your members.
  • Recruit new members online and build your email list.
  • Effectively collect, manage, organize, and utilize your membership data.
  • Advocate for change online with a powerful petition tool, letter to the editor tool, write your legislator (state AND national) tool and more!
  • Create listserves for your whole chapter or a committee or part of your chapter.
  • Host events, accept RSVPs, and communicate with people who are attending.
  • … and (in the infomercial voice here) MUCH MUCH MORE!

Want to Use DEMopolis?

If you already have a DEMopolis Chapter Leader login, simply follow this link.

Find a Chapter

If you are a chapter leader who isn’t sure if your organization already has a DEMopolis group set up, you should go see if you organization is on our DEMopolis Chapter List.  To do so, go to our DEMopolis Search for Chapters Page.

Some Help Using DEMopolis:

As with any powerful membership management tool, it is going to take a little practice and some guidance to fully use DEMopolis to its potential.  Here are a few places you can get some assistance, advice, training, and help!