DNC 2012: Why Failure is NEVER an Option

DNC 2012: Why Failure is NEVER an Option

Sep 05, 2012 | | | 0 Comments

I kissed both of my kids on the forehead before tucking them in for bed.

Right before my daughter, who I had at 17 smiled and told me how proud I made her.

Right before heading to the DNC to watch HISTORY being made again!

I came to the DNC to support our President in his mission to see a better tomorrow for our children. Determined to have the voices of the generation of women before me and after me heard. Women, who like Michelle Obama said, are more than capable of making our own choices about our bodies and healthcare. I'm here at the Democratic National Convention determined to make a difference.

When Michelle Obama spoke, she spoke of a life that millions of us can relate to.

One of a family that is no stranger to struggle.

One of a family who is dedicated to not giving up.

One of our determination to succeed, no matter what impossible odds we face.

Like many other kids raised in a single family home, I learned the value of dedication and perseverance from a single mom who refused to let anything get in the way of receiving her master's degree, even if it meant bringing her two small children to college with her. They simply refuse to fail.

And like so many teen moms, my dedication and perseverance was tested when I got pregnant at 17 and struggled to raise my own daughter. We simply refuse to fail.

As Michelle Obama spoke, I experienced the electric energy of thousands of people who simply refuse to give up. Or fail.

On our country.

On our president.

On our dreams of a better life.

"Four more years" is more than just a slogan. "Four more years" represents a chance for our youth to stand up to the plate and show the world that we are, in fact, the change that everyone wants to see.

Michelle Obama was right. There's no such thing as "us" and "them." We all are the American dream.

And we need every vote for President Obama to make that dream a reality! eed every vote for President Obama to make that dream a reality