Emily Tisch Sussman to depart YDA

Emily Tisch Sussman to depart YDA

Jan 25, 2013 | | | 0 Comments

Statement from YDA Executive Director Emily Sussman:

“Today I informed the Board of Directors of the Young Democrats of America that I’ll be stepping down as executive director effective February 1, 2013; however, I will continue to fight for issues impacting the Millennial Generation through online advocacy, media appearances and future organizing opportunities. I’m humbled to have been able to lead this organization through the 2012 election cycle where we helped galvanize historic youth participation and endorsed 20 federal candidates along with two ballot initiatives as part of our YDA Millennial Promise Project. As we witnessed through the 2012 election results, nearly 70 million young people have proven they are a strong and important political force. Now that we have re-elected Barack Obama we must continue to seek out new ways to harness the energy of our generation and do whatever it takes to join our President in the fight for the values and priorities he laid out in historic Inaugural Address. I’ll deeply treasure my time with YDA and its more than 1,500 chapters and 150,000 members across the country. I look forward to the fight ahead.”

Statement from YDA President Rod Snyder:

"Over the past year, Emily Sussman has been a tremendous leader not only for YDA but within the entire progressive youth movement. Her talent and dedication contributed to an historic election for young voters in 2012, which has helped reshape the political landscape in the U.S. for many years to come. Emily significantly increased the visibility of the Young Democrats during her time with the organization and also launched a long-term strategic planning process that will impact the next decade of youth political engagement. By all accounts, she leaves the organization in a stronger place than she found it. On behalf of the YDA board of directors and our members across the country, I thank Emily for her service to the Democratic Party and her tireless advocacy on behalf of the Millennial Generation."