Get to Know the Stars of the 113th Congress: Patrick Murphy

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For our latest profile of new members of the 113th Congress, YDA would like to introduce political-hotshot Patrick Murphy.  At just 29, Patrick was the victor in one of the most closely-contested Congressional races this fall, unseating Tea Party Republican Allen West for the right to represent Florida’s 18th District.  Patrick cites West’s inflammatory rhetoric as the impetus for his Congressional campaign, and given West’s history of insulting President Obama as an “abject failure” and the craziest person to ever set foot on the House floor, it is not hard to see why.  YDA applauds Patrick on winning a well-deserved seat in Congress.  He will be a welcome addition to the progressive coalition in the House of Representatives.

Born and raised in Florida, Patrick has a strong background in business and a proven track record of protecting both his community and the environment.  Patrick studied accounting and finance at the University of Miami.  Following his graduation, he joined the respected firm Deloitte and Touche as a CPA.  He also served as co-chair of Coastal Cares, the committee in charge of directing the group’s philanthropic work.  Patrick currently serves as the Vice President of Coastal Cares, an organization dedicated to disaster relief and environmental clean-up.  In 2010, he spearheaded the organization’s efforts to remove Oil from the Gulf Coast.

Patrick ran for Congress on a strong, progressive platform.  He supports women’s right to make their own healthcare decisions, is a proponent of LGBT rights, and is in favor of increasing the marginal tax rates for millionaires.  When Patrick joins Congress in January, he will a strong voice for progressive values and fiscal responsibility.  YDA is pleased to welcome Patrick to our nation’s capital and is excited to see his promising political career unfold.