GOTV Field Report

GOTV Field Report

Nov 05, 2012 | | | 0 Comments

At YDA we believe in leading by example, and that has never been more evident than in all the great work that is being done for get out the vote 2012, or as we like to call it GOTMFV (google if you need a reference). Where has everyone been, you might ask? Here are the answers.

YDA president Rod Snyder has been traveling around and took a group from West Virginia into the battleground state of Ohio this past weekend. He has now joined the winners of the PAC-fundraising contest in Montana to help keep Jon Tester in the Senate. Executive Vice President Colmon Eldrige keeps us remembering that there are important state-wide races by traversing all over Kentucky to hold the Kentucky state House, and flip the Senate to Democratic control. Chief of staff Heather Brown is pulling double duty by knocking doors in Virginia during the day, and calling into her home state of Nevada at night. A caller even made her demonstrate that she is a native by testing her NV geography (she passed).

Joining Heather's efforts in Nevada, Treasurer Jonathan Padilla who spent the weekend knocking doors, and continues to make calls to voters from California. Our board members who are lucky enough to live in swing states, Vice President Atima Omara-Alwala and DNC Committee Woman Montica Talmadge are doing a killer job on the doors and the phones there. Living in a safe-state didn't stop Vice President Mike Corbettfrom getting in on the action, he is in Ohio pounding the pavement. The tv keeps telling me its all going to come down to Ohio!! Keep it up, Mike!  Not to be outdone, DNC Committeeman Matt Fruth is managing a state senate race in Illinois. Executive Director Emily Tisch Sussman has joined Vice President Kristin Aschenbrenner to finish it out where it all started in Iowa.

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One day to victory!