RNC 2012: The Sequel

RNC 2012: The Sequel

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RNC 2012:
How to Outsource Our Futures in Three Days
Some Sequels Aren't Worth Re-Living


Some movies we loved so much, we could not wait to see the sequel. (Avengers, we're looking at you!) But as the last three days of the Republican National Convention have shown us, some sequels are not only not worth seeing, they aren't worth living through. With the announcement that the RNC will go Hollywood tonight and have Clint Eastwood as their speaker, we thought it only appropriate to highlight that, in fact, the entire RNC convention has not been dedicated to a vision for America but, instead, to a fictional world in which Republican policies would actually help young people, the middle class, or, well, just about anyone.

We know the facts. Because of the leadership of President Obama, the economy is on the rebound, education is stronger, laws protecting the middle class for predatory practices are in place, and the American dream is more tangible for all, not just for those who can afford it. Some politicians (or parties) never learn that you might be entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts! Not even if you can buy it.

Tuesday Night (Double Feature):

I Am Legend (In My Own Mind)
From Rand Paul to Ted Cruz, and Nikki Haley to Artur Davis, the RNC Convention begins with an honest assessment of the state of their party. Four speakers, four egos, four people more focused on their next television appearance than on creating jobs for the middle class or protecting the American dream for our generation and the future of our nation. This follow up to the sci-fi thriller is scary with the impact that these tea party idea logs will have on the ability of America to continue to move forward and remain competitive globally. Tonight we will also see the return to the national convention stage of Democrat-turned-Opportunist Republican Artur Davis who, after being rejected by the people of Alabama, decided to take his ball, leave his state, and become a Republican believing the grass might be greener on the other side. Much like his new BFF Mitt Romney, Davis stands for whatever he believes will get him votes, not a core set of values to guide a state or nation. He is the poster child of tonight's theme: a legend... in his own mind.


They're Just Not That Into You
From Bob McDonnell's war on women, to John Kasich's war on middle class workers, to Chris Christie's war on civility, this follow up to the 2009 rom-com is far from warm and funny. Tuesday the RNC highlighted GOP governors who have chosen to wage war on the citizens of their states who do not support their far-right Republican elite ideology.
Tuesday’s GOP message is simple: If you are a woman, a child receiving an education or a parent who cares about the quality of education your child will receive, a union member or a member of the working or middle class, or care about the need to come together as Americans first and politicians second, the GOP is just not that into you.


Wednesday Night:

The Hangover (Special Paul Ryan Edition)
Remember when four friends ventured off to Las Vegas and couldn't remember it? We laughed so much they took another trip. This is not that sequel. We bet you also remember four years ago when the McCain campaign unleashed Sarah Palin on the world, and well, you know how that ended. (You betcha!)
This sequel, however, is worse than the original. In selecting Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney has proven how out of touch with Millennials and all Americans he truly is and, worse, picked a Vice Presidential candidate not based on his fitness to be in office, but to rally the Republican elite fringe of the GOP. But we remember the last time a Republican nominee for president put politics above substance. Between the "you betcha's" and the declaration that she "could see Russia from her house," Sarah Palin illustrated why choosing a Vice President is important test of a Presidential candidate’s character. Mitt Romney simply fails.

Paul Ryan has, for over a decade, voted against the interest of Gen Xers as well as Millennials by supporting Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy, unfunded wars, and voting against the health interest of women by co-sponsoring legislation that supported the unconscionable theory of "forcible rape" as well having voted against and vowing to repeal the Affordable Care Act which has made access to quality and affordable health care in our nation a right and not a privilege. Ryan has also voted to cut student aid and to deny access to higher education to millions of qualifying students across the nation at the very time we know that a more educated workforce is the key to our ability to compete in the global economy of the 21st century. Never mind the fact that Ryan paid for his education, in part, using access to government funds--a right he would deny millions of current and future tax payers and their children.

Paul Ryan has betrayed his own, current, and future generations by becoming just another politician who will abandon his principles and throw anyone under the bus in order to promote himself and his career. We agree with the RNC: we can do better. And this country has done better than Paul Ryan. We have a Vice President in Joe Biden who has never forgotten the middle class because, as one of the poorest members of Congress, he served our nation as part of the middle class. Joe may not be a Gen-Xer, but we know where he stands and who he fights for. After four years of Sarah Palin and eight years of Dick Cheney, we've had our fix of failed GOP Vice presidential candidates. And we have the hangover to prove it.


Given the context of Paul Ryan’s speech last night, Young Democrats would also recommend watching the classic comedy “Liar, Liar.” Trust us, we could come up with something witty for a sequel, but let’s face it, Jim Carrey is not only funnier than Paul Ryan, you might need the laugh after you digest just what the Romney-Ryan plan would do to our future. 

Visit www.YDA.org tomorrow for the last movie recommendation brought to you by Mr. “Let Detroit go bankrupt! Shop around or borrow money for a college education! I have a blind trust and millions of dollars deposited around the world!” Mitt Romney.