RNC 2012: Water for Elephants

RNC 2012: Water for Elephants

Aug 31, 2012 | | | 0 Comments

We could have gone a couple of ways with our final film to end the 2012 Republican National Convention ("One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest" for so many reasons fits what we all witnessed last night), but alas our final film is what the Republican Party has unfortunately become:

Water for Elephants
The Republican Convention was best summed up as a convention that lacked substance and specifically lacked a vision for how our generation and our nation would be best served if Mitt Romney became President.

Instead, this convention was water--if not red meat--for Republicans. Night after night, we saw speaker after speaker talk about the “failures” of President Obama. While that might serve to invigorate their base, the blatant lack of the truth meant that it was all fluff and all show.

So Republicans will leave Tampa, their thirst quenched for four days of bashing our President, and celebrating their ability to obstruct progress for our nation at the expense of the middle class and young people. But we as young people and young voters have been put on notice that the Republican party has never been serious about tackling the issues that our country faces. They have been more interested in winning political points than making sure the American dream is attainable for all and that should motivate us all to make sure we counter their money with our votes.

Last night we saw what the Republican party really believes. They have the money, they have the fancy Hollywood director, they had the cast of characters who all said their lines (even if they did not believe it). They believe they have a huge blockbuster on their hands, but they did not count on our vote and our belief in America.

We can write the end to this movie. Let’s make sure the good guys win!