Thanks, Obama, for Free Birth Control!

Thanks, Obama, for Free Birth Control!

Feb 12, 2012 | | | 1 Comments

On Friday, President Obama reinforced his commitment to ensuring all women have access to no-cost contraception, regardless of where they are employed.  Despite blistering attacks from Republicans in Congress and conservative pundits, the President refused to play political games with women's health and stood firm in his commitment to provide access to birth control for those who want it.  Women who work for employers that opt out of covering contraception can now go directly to their insurance companies at no cost.

Take a moment and sign your name to a petition thanking President Obama for his commitment to women's health

For me, this issue is personal. When I was eighteen years old, I was diagnosed with a condition called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and prescribed birth control pills as treatment. Those pills were not just contraception, they were important preventative medication. I've been fortunate enough to afford my prescription, but not everyone is so lucky.

The New York Times recently told the story of another young woman with PCOS, a law student at Georgetown University who didn't have insurance coverage for her medically necessary pills because the school didn't offer contraception coverage in their insurance plans. With a cost of $100 per month, she had to stop taking her pills and eventually developed a large cyst on her ovary, which had to be surgically removed.  Something like this could happen to me if I couldn't afford my medecine, and it could happen to the millions of other women who take contraceptives for PCOS and other conditions like endometriosis and ovarian cancer.

Thankfully, President Obama understands how crucial it is for all American women to have access to no-cost birth control, and he stood up for this important medical benefit.  So, please take a minute to sign our petition thanking the President for standing firm in the face of staunch opposition, and let him know that you support his commitment to ensuring all women have access to comprehensive health care. The President has our back, forging a solution that respects differences of opinion on birth control without sacrificing critical access to affordable contraception. Please take minute to let him know you have his back too.


Jillian Cardillo
Women's Caucus Chair
Young Democrats of America


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  • Abortion Counsel

    Go Obama, It takes a lot of guts to stand up against all that pressure from conservative folks who do not agree.

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