The High School Caucus is Fired Up

The High School Caucus is Fired Up

Aug 06, 2012 | | | 0 Comments

November 7th. Either you wake up and smile that Barack Obamawas re-elected or you may think that you could've done more to keep Mitt Romney from winning.

The Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC will boast the youngest elected participants in history. In fact, three of the YDA High School Caucus officers were elected as delegates to the convention. Daqavise Winston (IN), Communications Director, was elected as a Rules Committee member. Aaron Wilder (OK), Parliamentarian, was elected a PLEO delegate. Vibhav Kollu (NC), Political Director, was elected a District delegate. They will be among the youngest delegates in the country. While we all can't attend the National Convention to watch President Obama accept the nomination, you can host or join a watch party in your area.

The formal nomination is just one step to re-electing President Obama. The Obama campaign offers many tools to help young people participate via their Greater Together website and their new app for iPhones. Whether by using their online phonebanking tool or by sharing talking points with social media, you can make a difference from home! When school is back in session in the Fall, you can continue your involvement by forming volunteer teams with your peers. It is, after all, the expanding grassroots program that makes the difference between winning and losing.

While re-electing President Obama is key, young people must remember the importance of electing Democrats up-and-down the ballot. President Obama can only be an effective leader if given a cooperative Congress. Over the next 3 months, we must continue reaching out to voters and making the case for Democrats. Fired up? The High School Caucus is ready to go!