Tour of the White House Gardens

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I have lived in Washington, DC for almost three years, but I still get giddy every time I walk past the White House, so imagine my excitement when, on April 22, YDA and the White House gave me the opportunity to attend the annual White House Garden Tour. Despite the disappointing rainy weather, spirits were high among tour participants. We walked past the Rose Garden, the oval office, and Michelle Obama's own kitchen garden. We even got a peek at the basketball court where President Obama plays when it's nice outside. My favorite part, though, was seeing Sasha and Malia's swing set. Seeing the swing set reminded me that for the first family, the White House is a place to call home.

One of the best parts of the day was seeing the diversity of attendees at the event. Looking around, you could see a visual representation of the "big tent" that we Democrats live underneath together. As a Young Democrat, I was particularly pleased to see so many young people standing next to me. President Obama and his White House understand how important it is to include youth in their programming, especially White House events. We are the heart and the work horses of the party, and this White House recognizes our important role, and makes sure that young people are welcome and encouraged there. I'm grateful to be part of the party that values and encourages youth participation in politics.

-Tory Lauterbach