Vermont YDs Announce Endorsements

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The Young Democrats of Vermont have decided to endorse Cassandra for Lieutenant Governor ahead of the general election vote. Gekas has not only a role model for young Democrats in the state but also has shown interest in helping Young Vermonters remain here once they complete their education. We will work towards helping Gekas win in her challenge against incumbent Lt. Governor Phil Scott.

The Young Democrats also offer our endorsement to Democrats down the ballot who we feel embody our values and support our mission. In light of this, we endorse Rep. Kesha Ram (Chittenden 6-4), a tireless advocate for youth issues in Montpelier and one of our founding members. We also endorse Rep. Jill Krowinski (Chittenden 6-3) who has stood up for women’s issues and is a promising ally in the Legislature. We offer an endorsement to Rep Sarah Buxton (Windsor-Orange 1) who has worked to ease the burden of student debt on young Vermonters. Finally, we would like to offer an endorsement to Mike McCarthy (Franklin 3-1) who embodies our values and has the potential to be a strong voice in Montpelier on behalf of Vermonters who have chosen to stay in their home state such as him.