With Election On the Line, YDA Leadership On the Ground in Ohio

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There are less than 72 hours until the polls close here in Ohio, and while Young Dems across the Buckeye State are hard at work to get out the vote in this crucial battleground state, YDA's national leadership has also descended on Ohio to help make the difference in the campaign's closing hours.

YDA President Rod Snyder led a group of volunteer YDs from Maryland into Athens County, Ohio, home to Ohio University. YDA Vice President Mike Corbett is volunteering with Organizing for America in the Cleveland suburb of Lakewood, and YDA Communications Director Nick DeCenzo, an Ohio native, is knocking on doors with OFA in Mahoning County.

Turning out each and every Democratic leaning voter in these blue counties in swing state Ohio will make the difference between having Ohio's 18 electoral votes cast for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, and Young Dems across Ohio are going "all-in" to make sure that President Obama carries the Buckeye State once again.