YDA Announces National Endorsements

YDA Announces National Endorsements

Sep 27, 2012 | | | 0 Comments

YDA is excited to announce our list of endorsed federal candidates and statewide ballot initiatives that we are actively supporting in 2012.

Last month we asked our state chapters to suggest some of the most talented, competitive young candidates running for Congress, as well as other candidates of any age who have shown a particular commitment to youth issues.

We’re calling it the YDA Millennial Promise Project – a group of promising candidates close to the Millennial Generation or candidates who have promised to support the priorities and values of young Americans.

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Young Leaders:

Joe Kennedy (MA-04) – age 31
Brendan Mullen (IN-02) – age 34
Chris Murphy (CT-SEN) – age 39
John Olson (OK-01) – age 35
Eric Stewart (TN-04) – age 40
Kyrsten Sinema (AZ-09) – age 36
Matt Varilek (SD-AL) – age 37

Generational Allies:

Shelley Adler (NJ-03)
Kathy Boockvar (PA-08)
Val Demmings (FL-10)
Alan Grayson (FL-09)
Paul Hirschbiel (VA-02)
Bob Kerrey (NE-SEN)
John Oceguera (NV-03)
Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01)
Jennifer Roberts (NC-09)
Hayden Rogers (NC-11)
Tobias Schlingsiepen (KS-02)
Elizabeth Warren (MA-SEN)

Ballot Initiatives:

Educating Maryland Kids
Washington United for Marriage

The YDA Millennial Promise Project is a uniquely grassroots effort.  Funds will be raised by our members across the country to support candidates and issues identified as top priorities by our peers on the YDA Campaign Committee.  It’s a program that’s of, by and for young people.

Please give $10, 25 or 50 to help support the YDA Millennial Promise Project

There are just 40 days to go to help protect the progress of the past four years and to ensure Democrats once again control Congress.  Let’s make every hour count!


Rod Snyder
Young Democrats of America