YDA Celebrates Puerto Rico Statehood Win

YDA Celebrates Puerto Rico Statehood Win

Nov 08, 2012 | ndecenzo | | 0 Comments

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YDA labels statehood victory as “historic” and “long overdue.”

(November 7th,2012) The Young Democrats of America celebrated the clear mandate delivered by the people of Puerto Rico in favor of statehood for the island.

YDA President, Rod Snyder, excitedly expressed the importance of this landmark in the political history of the United States:
“It is with great pride that I congratulate the people of Puerto Rico for supporting and achieving a clear and irrefutable victory in favor full equality through statehood for the four million American citizens of Puerto Rico. The people of Puerto Rico have been disenfranchised from the political decision making process of our nation for more than a century , where they are unable to vote for the President of the United States and lack proportional and voting congressional representation despite of being proud American citizens. Last night, for the first time in history, the people of Puerto Rico let themselves be heard and delivered an overwhelming mandate with over 62%  in favor of statehood, thus rejecting the island’s current territorial political relationship with the United States. It is now time for the White House to lead Congress into  acting. YDA will play a major role to ensure that those results are implemented and Puerto Rico becomes the 51st state of our nation,” expressed Snyder.