YDA Executive Vice President Colmon Elridge Responds to Romney Comments

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The comments made by Former Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney continue to underscore one of the most fundamental reasons millions of Americans, including a majority of young Americans, rejected his candidacy in the election held last Tuesday.
Mr. Romney continues to show the American people that he does not have the capacity to empathize with the everyday lives of his fellow Americans. Less than a week after Romney so eloquently called for Americans to come together, his words and actions continue to give truth to the Republican party narrative of gridlock and divisiveness, and further prove his only consistency is a consistency to be hypocritical and offensive.
As Young Americans, we overwhelmingly supported the reelection of President Obama not because of “gifts” that would make us dependent on the government or takers, but rather because through his actions and his words, President Obama has reaffirmed America’s belief in the gifts given to all Americans by our founding fathers and mothers. The unalienable belief that all Americans, regardless of man-made or man-magnified differences, are entitled to opportunity and required to work for success, makes America a beacon light of hope to people throughout the world.
What is clear from these truly slanderous statements, more than anything else, is that he has shown that it is young Americans, women, minorities, or other “groups” of Americans who feel a sense of entitlement when, rather, it is Mitt Romney who feels entitled to a version of our nation that we the people, in exercising our right to vote, soundly and correctly rejected.

-- Colmon Elridge
YDA Executive Vice President