YDA Executive Vice President Speaks at Campbellsville University KHIPP Presidential Election Forum

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“President Obama inherited a bad economy,” Elridge said, defending the president’s financial record, “but four million plus jobs have been created and 95 percent of Americans have received a tax cut from this president.” Pointing to the clear difference between Obama and Romney, Elridge said the Democratic Party believes in being involved with businesses, education and health care.

Elridge told the audience how he grew up poor and lost his father at a young age. He said that the ideals of the Democratic Party helped him through educational opportunities. “I am living proof that it actually works,” Elridge said.

“There’s the question of whether the ‘American Dream’ will continue to be a reality of our future or a relic of our past,” Elridge said, “As I look at this presidential election, I think Obama should be able to fight for these ideals for another four years.”

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