YDA Faith & Values Team in Charlotte

YDA Faith & Values Team in Charlotte

Sep 05, 2012 | ndecenzo | | 0 Comments

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This is a great time for the Faith & Values team. From the streets of Charlotte, and the downtown Time Warner Arena downtown, I’m happy to report that what we’re doing is of the utmost importance to not only us, but to the party, as well.

The New York Times created a graphic of the key words said repeatedly during the dozens of convention speeches and “values” was a top 10 phrase (siphoning out Obama and Romney) with 48 mentions, and “God” was mentioned 30 times. We're not alone in this cause, and seeing the progress is refreshing. http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2012/09/04/us/politics/democratic-convention-words.html?hp

On this first day, I attended multiple events discussing the role of religion in the party, including a panel event at the First United Methodist Church. It followed with a caucus unveiling where Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid came to kickoff the LDS Dems http://ldsdems.org/ which has been organized to bridge between the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) and the party. Reid, who is Mormon, spoke eloquently about how his faith leads him to be Democratic. On his way out, I was able to ask him what he wanted to tell the Faith & Values Initiative.

“Understand what a good person Barack Obama is, and share his values,” Reid told me.

This message is exactly what we want to spread to faithful voters. With two months left, it’s imperative to tell your friends, family and strangers the story of our President. His good work has been drowned out so much by the opposition, that it’s easy to forget how all of the great things he’s done because of his faith and values.

1. Supporting Gay Marriage
2. Letting women make the best choices for their bodies
3. Signing legislation to make equal work equal pay
4. Reinvigorating the American Auto Industry
5. Allowing immigrant Dreamers a legal path to being Americans

On Wednesday, I’ll be attend the prayer breakfast, Faith Caucus, several Catholics United events, among other gatherings. Please send me your thoughts and prayers. Meanwhile, we need everyone to write, call, Blog, and tell others about the Faith & Values work. There is no time to waste!

Joe G

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