YDA National Trainings Director John C. Gorczynski Celebrates National Coming Out Day on Burnt Orange Report

YDA National Trainings Director John C. Gorczynski Celebrates National Coming Out Day on Burnt Orange Report

Oct 11, 2012 | ndecenzo | | 0 Comments

A Full Measure of Perfect Harmony for LGBT Equality

by John Canales Gorczynski
Thu Oct 11, 2012 at 09:04 AM CDT

In celebration of National Coming Out Day, I take on the role of choir director to help lead progressives and Democrats to sing higher in support of LGBT equality.

Often heard in our discourse are notes of support like "I support gay rights" and "the gay rights movement is the civil rights movement of our generation" and "we must stand for equality if we are to be judged on the right side of history." While these statements encourage me, too often the harmony falls short because these pronouncements are followed by "even though I'm not gay" or "because some of my best friends are LGBT" or even things like "I'm so committed to equality that I'm honorary LGBT." This dissidence bothers the listener because those people stand on the right side of the issue, but with subtle reservation. They do not sing in their highest voice out of a worry they'll be confused, even in front of a friendly audience, as being part of the LBGT community for which they fight.

If you truly believe that there is nothing wrong with being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, then why make a point to say you're not? Instead, let all who speak for equality practice the point of this justice movement. Who you love, to whom you're attracted, and the people you call family, do not define your worth as a person nor should these facts be treated as reasons to restrict liberty. To the point, these personal truths are nothing that should matter to whom you speak on behalf of equality.

It is time to sing a more perfect harmony. Our voices will sing on until full LGBT equality is reached in the eyes of the law. Let's start full equality now in our speech. If you stand for equality, simply stand for it. There is no need for prefix, suffix or apology. The most powerful statement is to sing a harmony so perfect with those whom you seek to protect, rather than cast them aside ever so slightly, that the listener does not know which part you are singing. They only hear one beautiful chorus crying out for equality and justice.

Raised in a politically active family with Polish, Mexican and American roots, John Canales Gorczynski is a natural coalition builder with a passion for environmental issues, immigration reform, LGBT equality and economic justice. John serves as the national Trainings Director for the Young Democrats of America and the Financial Vice President of the Texas Young Democrats. Follow him on Twitter @JCGorczynski.

This piece was originally published in the Burnt Orange Report.