YDA Partner WeForPresident.com Has Launched

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YDA's partner organization WeForPresident has announced its official launch. As was discussed at YDA's recent national conference in Philadelphia, YDA is the official Democratic partner on the site. Now we need all Young Dems to sign up and start talking!

The site is aiming to "build a platform that can democratize the debate," in the words of founder Lee Brenner. On the site, you can add your comments to discussions about a whole range of different issues. You can then choose to seamlessly upload your opinions to your Facebook page to get others in on the debate too.

Since YDA is the official Democratic partner of the site, we need all Young Dems throughout the country to get involved! One-click sign up is available for YD's who have Facebook accounts. Also, WeForPresident can be used to garner vote pledges electronically, rather than the paper format YDA used in the 2008 cycle.  Sign up and get talking today!