YDA Women’s Caucus Denounces the GOP’s Attempt to Minimize Rape

YDA Women’s Caucus Denounces the GOP’s Attempt to Minimize Rape

Aug 29, 2012 | aomara | | 0 Comments

" Republican men have made it clear over the past few weeks that they have no idea how women’s bodies work. The GOP should have a biology class on the female reproductive system, with a side of sensitivity training. First, it was Todd Akin, who made the now infamous comment about “legitimate rape,” citing that “doctors” told him women’s bodies shut “the whole thing down” to prevent pregnancy in such cases, then it was Rep. Steve King who said he never knew anyone that became pregnant from rape, even though according to the American Journal of Obstetrics, 32,000 woman a year become pregnant due to rape, clearly not knowing anyone personally means, it didn’t happen.

GOP Vice Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan is no different than King and Akin. The GOP candidate for vice president thinks that rape is an alternative form of conception. While the Wisconsin Republican publicly denounced Akin’s remarks, he collaborated with Akin a year ago on HR 3 a bill that attempted to redefine rape. Like President Obama said, “Rape is rape.”

Ryan and Akin statements and legislative actions share a belief in the rights and lives of the unborn. They both have made it clear they have no concern for the rights and lives of women who have already been born. The GOP platform ready to be voted on in Tampa echoes this sentiment, outlawing abortion in all cases, including rape, incest and to save a woman’s life.

Paul Ryan’s comments are incredibly troubling. That he sees rape as just another means of conception should worry every woman in America, and every man who cares about women. Rape is a serious crime, which no woman deserves, regardless of how she dresses, where she goes at night or how many men she has had consensual sex with. Rape is about power and control, not sex. If a woman becomes pregnant from rape, she needs to be able to take back the control that was taken from her. That means having all of the options available, not just abortion. If she wants to continue the pregnancy and either raise her child or give it up for adoption, that is her choice. Forcing a woman to endure a pregnancy she does not want, after she has been sexually violated is unconscionable.

Paul Ryan’s stance on this issue shows that he is not fit to be one heartbeat away from the presidency. He shows a lack of compassion for women and their lives. To men like Akin and Ryan, women are just an incubator who became pregnant by a “method of conception.”

American women, and the men who love them, should reject Ryan’s extremist position on this issue. We’re lucky to have a vice president like Joe Biden who cares about women. Biden has been a long time champion of the Violence Against Women Act from its beginning. Let’s not trade him in for the likes of Paul Ryan."