Young Democrats of America Condemn Richard Mourdock's Comments

Young Democrats of America Condemn Richard Mourdock's Comments

Oct 25, 2012 | ndecenzo | | 0 Comments

The Young Democrats of America (YDA) are appalled by Indiana GOP Senate candidate Richard Mourdock’s statement that "...even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape that it is something that God intended to happen."

Today, YDA Women’s Caucus Chair, Jillian Cardillo responded: "Women facing unwanted pregnancies -- especially those resulting from rape -- should always be able to chose whether they will carry the pregnancy to term. The U.S. Senate or the Justices they confirm should never be in the position to make that intensely personal decision for women. Mourdock is entitled to his own religious beliefs, he is not entitled to force others to follow them."

Tea Party favorite, Richard Mourdock is far from alone in this extreme position. With Republicans in states around the country making outrageous statements about women’s reproductive health and rights -- it’s abundantly clear just what is at stake in this election. Today’s Republicans offer women no choice with no exceptions -- even when being forced to carry that unwanted pregnancy to term could inflict serious psychological harm.

“Mr. Mourdock’s statement is truly shocking. To imagine that the person who spoke it could soon vote to confirm judicial nominees ought to spur every Democrat into action to defeat him.” said Richard Fowler, chair of YDA’s Policy and Advocacy Committee. “Mitt Romney may have distanced himself from Mourdock’s statement today, but the ad he cut in support of Mourdock’s candidacy continues to air in millions of homes across the Hoosier State.”

The Young Democrats of America call on Governor Romney to immediately pull the ad he cut in support of Mr. Mourdock from the airwaves, and apologize to the people of the State of Indiana for his support of this candidate. We also call on him to take on the most extreme elements of his party, including his own running mate Rep. Paul Ryan, and clearly denounce ongoing attempts to redefine rape and take away women’s rights.

The Young Democrats of America encourages all young people to stand-up against these extreme Tea Party politicians and stand with candidates that will work on moving our country forward.