YDA officers call for the immediate removal of President Donald Trump

YDA officers call for the immediate removal of President Donald Trump
"We all witnessed Donald Trump and his supporters betray our nation streamed live on television.”
January 7, 2021
CONTACT: Joshua Harris-Till
The Officers of the Young Democrats of America are elected to represent the future of the Democratic Party and the ever-changing face of our nation. 
On January 6, 2021, we witnessed Republican lawmakers disregard the will of the people, incite violence, and saw conspiracy-idled insurrectionists and white supremacists commit acts of domestic terrorism—all under the encouragement of Donald Trump.
We saw a lethargic and disorganized response from law enforcement, emblematic of how police officers treat white supremacists with gentleness, a contrast to the brutality they continue to show BIPOC and LGBTQ+ activists demanding justice. 
We saw deliberate inaction from this administration which delayed the mobilization of the National Guard to help restore order.
We saw the direct result of four years of the Republican Party prioritizing the ego of a man clearly unfit for office over the lives of Americans.
What we saw is the result of decades of disinformation, dog whistles, and white identity politics utilized by the Republican Party.
In order to preserve our democracy, our lawmakers need to act with political courage and moral leadership.
Donald Trump betrayed our nation and must be removed from office and held accountable for his actions.
The U.S. Attorneys must charge all people involved in the insurrection for the crimes they committed.
The insurrectionist members of Congress who challenged the will of the people, including but not limited to Senators: Cruz, Hawley, Johnson, Lankford, Daines, Kennedy, Blackburn, Braun, Lummis, Marshall, Hagerty, and Tuberville as well as the 139 members of the House of Representatives who objected to the certification, must be expelled. 
Our message to our nation’s leaders is simple: do your job, honor our constitution, fight white supremacy, and preserve our democracy. 
The above statement can be attributed to the Officers of the Young Democrats of America.



2nd Vice President Tazbir Alam (NY) - [email protected]:
"A democratic republic, such as ours, asks of its people to constantly defend it to ensure its future. Our system of government is not guaranteed or self-correcting, we as a people must always hold it accountable and make changes where needed to further its success. The events of January 6th is proof of what happens when we become complacent and stop defending the rule of law. As it’s aptly been put, "Democracy dies in darkness," so we must always, always shine a light on it and each of us must be stewards of our republic."

Secretary Rebecca Pinn (MA) - [email protected]:
"We saw the direct result of four years of enabling a treasonous, racist, and xenophobic sexual predator by cowardly Republican lawmakers. Only after feeling their personal safety compromised, some Republicans decided to act. It is a day late and a dollar short."

President Joshua Harris-Till (OK) - [email protected]:
“I’ve participated in protest all around this country, and never have I seen the level of restraint used by the Capitol police. As a state leader for Black Lives Matter, I have repeatedly begged for officers to use this level of restraint while dealing with black and brown people only to be met with excuse after excuse about how officers are trained well in de-escalation tactics. These events proved that white privilege is alive and well, that white supremacy has a home within the police system, and that blue lives matter means absolutely nothing as we watched people carrying that flag charge the police. For a lot of people, yesterday was disgraceful, but for a lot of black and brown people yesterday was not surprising.”

1st Vice President Quentin Wathum-Ocama (MN)  - [email protected]:
“Our Capitol was occupied for the second time in our national history but this time it was not by a foreign army, but by a reactionary right-wing mob. It was a putsch. It's the clearest example of treason and sedition that we've ever seen in our lifetimes. And the blame lies squarely at the feet of the President”

Executive Vice President Carrie McFadden (CA)  - [email protected]:

“Even during the Civil War and reconstruction, the confederate flag never was flown inside the Capitol. Yesterday, that changed. Like the confederates before them, these individuals aren’t patriots, they’re traitors, and they’ve been enabled by Donald Trump and the Republican Party. Our leaders must act now to remove Trump from office and see to it that everyone who participated in yesterday’s insurrection is punished. This was an act of white supremacy and fascism, and must be treated as the national emergency it is.”