2019-2021 Young Democrats of America Appointments 
Applications for appointments to a number of Administrative Officers positions along with Chairs, Vice Chairs, and Secretaries of both Standing and Select Committee are CLOSED.
The list of proposed Presidential and Treasurer Appointments (and Candidate Questionnaires) is now available for publication.
Archived Appointments Application for Reference Purposes
Below you will find links to information and the application itself. All appointments are made by YDA President Joshua Harris-Till (with several appointments also being made by YDA Treasurer Dunixi Guereca) and are subject to the approval of the National Committee. Please consider applying for a position or promoting other active young Democrats in your state or territory to consider applying.  Applications must be submitted by 11:59 PM HST on September 1st. Once your application is submitted, we will contact you with more information about the next steps. It is the goal of the Young Democrats of America to announce all of our appointments by September 30th¹.
Please contact [email protected] with any questions or concerns about the appointment process. 


Appointment Application*

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*You can only submit one application per position and if you wish to apply for multiple positions you will need to complete the application again for each position you're applying for. 


Appointment Positions Descriptions 

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Appointment Process & Time²

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How Recommended Appointments Will be Presented 

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¹Additionally, the Young Democrats of America will be collecting demographic information from all appointment applicants on a voluntary basis. We will also release aggregate demographic information for recommended appointees to the National Committee when we announce appointments. 

²Please note that due to a number of changes in the YDA Charter, Bylaws and Standing rules that appointments no longer require the signoff of National Committee Representatives from their home state or territory to be considered for approval.