First 100 Days - Keeping Score

Like you, I am already counting down the days until President Trump’s time in the White House comes to an end. 1,460 days is a very long time. In order to hold the President accountable, we will need to find a way to stay engaged and ensure our voices are heard.

The first 100 days of every presidency sets the pace. It’s a time when public support is (usually) strong, and citizens give their new president the benefit of the doubt. 

With President Trump, the first 100 days is the time when the most damage can happen.

We need you to be involved and hold him accountable. The president has outlined three points for his first 100 days, and it’s clear that he is already not meeting them:

  1. Clean up Washington
  2. Protecting American workers
  3. Restoring the rule of law

With cabinet appointments who have questionable financials and even more questionable qualifications, consideration of policies that harm the American middle class, and allowing foreign countries to intervene in our Democracy, we know that these goals are nothing but a sham. 

During these 100 days (well, 95, but who’s counting?!), we will be communicating with you and using these three points as a scorecard for holding the president accountable. We encourage you to post on social media and share our messages, as well as your own. Bes sure to use the hashtag #WhileHeTweets to tell Americansthat we are paying attention and won’t be distracted by his rhetoric.

It’s up to us to keep the pressure on and to make sure the “alternative facts” of this President do not become the norm.

In solidarity,

Jessica Stram
Issue Advocacy Director