The GOP's Secret Bill

Today the GOP introduced an Obamacare replacement bill created in secrecy that may drastically change your life -- and the lives of young people across the country. It's not just that they developed a bill in secret with corporate interests in mind and not the American people: now the Republicans don't even want have have fair, open and thorough hearings for it.

Demand that Congress listen to how this bill may impact Americans' lives. Only Republican House members, many of  whom have refused to meet with constituents, saw the bill before today.

Call your Congressperson today at 202-224-3121 and tell them that you expect them to listen to constituents' concerns about repealing and replacing ACA and to hold full hearings on the bill so people can have their questions answered.

The GOP replacement bill disproportionately affects young people, the middle-class, and low-income populations. The Republicans plan to rush this bill through, so call your Member of Congress today.


Danielle Glover
Vice President
Young Democrats of America