Let them in

YDA stands with our brothers and sisters who are refugees and/or Muslim, those who are seeking protection, those looking for a new life, and those who are in the U.S. desperately waiting to be reunited with their family members overseas.

Donald Trump’s executive orders essentially banning Muslims from entering our country and going back on America's promise to refugees not only shows a lack of understanding our country's history, legacy, and strength in diversity, it also plays directly into ISIS’ recruitment narrative and puts our national security at risk. 

Students with visas, permanent residents, our friends, neighbors, coworkers, doctors, nurses, teachers are being presecuted. We will not sit idly by; we will fight back. We will fight for human rights. We will fight to end religious persecution. 

Many of our members are already fighting - protesting, donating, organizing and providing legal services. We can't stop now; we must resist. 

  • Call and email your members of congress at (220) 224-3121 and ask them to step in to help our fellow citizens, residents, and refugees
  • Attend a Muslim ban protest near you
  • Share your immigration stories with friends and the press

With the GOP and Trump Administration attacks on our freedoms, we need more people helping YDA respond. Contact Danielle Glover, Vice President, or Jessica Stram, Issue Advocacy Director, if you are interested in lending your time or expertise.