New faces at your chapter meeting? Here’s how to keep them coming back.

The Trump administration has gotten off to a disastrous start, and millennials nationwide are looking for ways to fight back. That’s why Young Democrats chapters across the country are reporting record attendance at meetings, particularly in the form of new members.

For chapter leaders, this is a crucial time to grow your group. Here are a few tips that will help you create a welcoming environment for first-time attendees and keep them coming back.

  1. Welcome new members.

    • Have chapter leaders greet each first-time attendee personally. Your goal should be to a) find out why they decided to attend, b) how they heard about the meeting, c) and what they hope to get out of the meeting. Be sure to collect their email and phone number before they leave.

  2. Invite new members to an upcoming event.

    • Make sure that new members leave knowing what the next chapter activity is, whether it’s a phone bank/canvass, social event (like a mixer, trivia night, or bowling), community service project, or business meeting. Remember that members join for various reasons and want their participation to be meaningful.

  3. Remind them.

    • Put new members on your email list ASAP, add them on Facebook/social media, and invite them to like your group’s page. Send an email recap within a day of your meeting, and don’t be afraid to call or text first-time attendees to thank them for coming out and invite them to the next activity.

Are you a current or former YD chapter leader with tips on retaining members? Leave your own tips in the comments below!


Mathew Plott

Chapter Building Chair

Young Democrats of America

P.S. Do you need help setting up a mailing or membership list? Email Technology Director Ricardo Alfaro at [email protected].