YDA Fall/Winter 2020 National Committee Meeting

Greetings YDA National Committee!

The Board of Directors is calling for our second required National Committee meeting for 2020 to be December 12-13 as required by Section 420(a) of our Charter. Under our Charter and Bylaws, we cannot call for a National Committee Meeting to occur solely online unless it is rescheduled from a physical location. Therefore, we are calling for this meeting to occur in Kansas City, Kansas (KCK). However, we are moving it to an online meeting due to a public health crisis or epidemic pursuant to Section 421(a)(I)(3). We are calling the meeting to occur in KCK initially and then moving it online because prior to moving it to an online meeting we must call for a meeting to occur in a physical location under our governing documents. 

Section 420(c) of the Charter requires that our meetings occur in locations alternating between East of the Mississippi River and West of the Mississippi River. Our last physical meeting was in Birmingham, Alabama, East of the Mississippi. As such, we need to call a meeting for West of the Mississippi. Additionally, because our KCK meeting previously scheduled for March was moved to an online meeting, Section 421(d) requires that the Board of Directors make a good faith effort to have a moved meeting within a close geographic proximity. By calling this meeting to occur in KCK and then moving it online, this ensures that KCK will ideally be the next location we have an in-person meeting. The Board of Directors is committed to having a meeting in KCK or in close geographic proximity once it is safe and healthy to do so. Calling for the meeting to occur in KCK before moving it online will help ensure that it is where we can have our next in-person meeting.

TL;DR The next YDA National Committee meeting will be virtual and occur on December 12-13. Given the upcoming election, I ask for folks to be patient regarding details and logistics.

As always, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or feedback. Thank you!

Rebecca Pinn
Young Democrats of America