#YDAKCK: Update from the YDA President


It is bittersweet that we will not be with each other this weekend. We know that this was the best decision for the organization and this decision is made more evident every day. I hope that you all are well and in good spirits as we face this pandemic as a nation. Please be sure to practice self-care, take time for your mental health, and follow the guidelines of the medical professionals who are helping us navigate these difficult times.

I want you to know that we are currently working out what options we have to ensure that we have a meeting soon, but prioritize the health of our members above everything else. Our team is looking very closely at our rules and bylaws to find the best way to meet and hold business, but we have learned that our rules were not written with a situation like this in mind. We, of course, will be updating the rules and bylaws to ensure that future administrations have processes in place to address something like this should the need arise. 

I would like to take a moment of personal privilege to thank our General Council Adam Strider for helping us with contract negotiations with the hotel and event center, our Chief of Staff Jen House for her constant communications with health professionals for weeks as we reached the decision to postpone the meeting, and our VP Quentin Wathum-Ocama and parliamentarian Nathaniel Block for the countless hours they have put into figuring out just how we will move forward as an organization. So many of you have been intentional in offering the organization your help, and I want to thank you all as well. We will have more updates for you all soon so please stay tuned, but feel free to reach out to any of us with questions or suggestions you may have for the organization.

I want to end this by sending a shout out to one of the strongest voices we have in this organization as well as one of the most passionate leaders I have had the pleasure of meeting. Will Rodriguez-Kennedy, you are an inspiration to us all, may we all strive to be as impactful and dedicated as you are.

Thank you friends.

Joshua Harris-Till
Young Democrats of America
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