Young Democrats of America: Senate Democrats Must Prevent Stolen SCOTUS Pick from Denying Women’s Rights

Washington, DC – The Young Democrats of America (YDA) tonight condemned illegitimate minority President Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court and encouraged Senate Democrats to use every tool at their disposal to prevent his appointment to the court.

“America deserves a Supreme Court justice nominated by a popularly elected president,” said Danielle Glover, YDA VP, of Colorado. “Unfortunately, Senate Republicans denied President Obama his constitutional prerogative to nominate a new justice. I have seen first hand his dismantling of basic rights in Colorado. Young Democrats of America encourages every U.S. Senator to prevent Neil Gorsuch from joining the Supreme Court, both because his nomination does not reflect the will of the American people and because he is not a supporter of equal rights for women.”

Trump has said several times that he would appoint a Supreme Court justice who will strip away a woman’s right to choose, and tonight’s nomination of Neil Gorsuch is the next step in Trump’s scheme to reduce women’s rights. Senate Democrats, however, can filibuster Trump’s selection to help shape a Supreme Court that reflects the will of people of the United States.