The Resolutions Committee (or Platform and Resolutions Committee at National Convention) reviews all resolutions proposed to the National Committee (or Convention Delegates) in accordance with the Young Democrats of America Charter and Standing Rules. This committee has the authority to recommend, reject, or amend all such resolutions prior to referral. For a resolution to be considered at a National Committee meeting, it must be sponsored by a member of the National Committee. Resolution proposals can be sent to Resolution Committee Chair Dyna Kristine Martinez at [email protected]. Resolutions must be submitted at least twenty-one (21) days before any National Committee Meeting or National Convention gavels into order. You can find a brief guide on how to write resolutions with a sample template here
Resolutions from the 2023-2025 Biennium
Meeting  Date Location 
Resolutions from the 2021-2023 Biennium 
Meeting  Date Location 
2023 National Convention June 21, 2023 Las Vegas Nevada
No Resolutions were approved at the 2023 Spring Digital Summit
No Resolutions were approved at the 2022 Winter National Committing Meeting
in Buffalo, New York
April 4, 2022

Boise, Idaho


2021 Winter Digital Summit

December 5, 2021 Virtual Meeting
Resolutions from the 2019-2021 Biennium 
Meeting  Date Location 

2021 National Convention

August 14, 2021 Cincinnati, Ohio
April 11, 2021 Virtual Meeting
December 13th, 2020 Virtual Meeting
August 9th, 2020
Virtual Meeting
August 6th, 2019
Electronic Petition
& Vote
December 8th, 2019 Birmingham, Alabama
Resolutions from the 2017-2019 Biennium
Meeting  Date Location 
July 20th, 2019
Indianapolis, Indiana
March 17th, 2019
Atlanta, Georgia 
No Resolutions were approved at the 2018 Summer National Committing Meeting
in Salt Lake City, Utah 
December 2th, 2018
Little Rock, Arkansas 
January 21st, 2018
New York, New York
Resolutions from the 2015-2017 Biennium
Meeting  Date Location 
August 12th, 2017
Dallas, Texas
March 26th, 2017
Phoenix, Arizona
December 11th, 2016
Memphis, Tennessee 
August 14, 2016
Minneapolis, Minnesota
June 24th, 2016
Electronic Petition
& Vote
March 20th, 2016
Columbus Ohio
November 15th, 2015
Des Moines, Iowa