YDA Demographic Snapshot

YDA Demographic Snapshot - Membership Demographic Collection Project 


The Young Democrats of America seeks to end discrimination and bigotry in all its forms and to inspire broad participation in our party. As part of our commitment to outreach and inclusion, we will take affirmative steps to increase the participation of members of all underrepresented communities. 

With that in mind, we began collecting demographic information through our Voluntary Demographic and Self-Identification Survey (VDSS) project to better understand the demographic makeup of our National Committee and the broader national organization in August. Simultaneously we began to work on a way to present the demographic data collected at our 2019 National Convention in a way that was easily digestible to the National Committee and the general public while also using the VDSS format in the appointment application process. 

We’re proud to announce the culmination of both projects into something we’re calling the YDA Snapshot. The YDA Snapshot contains the most comprehensive demographic data point that the Young Democrats of America have ever collected.

The 2019 YDA Snapshot is broken int the following subdocuments:

The voluntary demographic information that individuals completed as part of registration for our 2019 National Convention.
The results of the National Committee VDSS Project were paired with the data collected
with already collected demographic data from registration at our 2019 National Convention.  
The voluntary demographic information that individuals who were recommended for appointment
completed as part of the application process for a Non-Voting Officer or Select /StandingCommittee Appointment.
The voluntary demographic information that individuals completed as part of registration for our 2019 Fall Meeting
The voluntary demographic information that individuals completed as part of registration for our 2020 Summer (Virtual) Meeting

All the parts of the YDA Snapshot includes questions related to racial identity, ethnic identity, gender identity, disability status, veteran's status, and sexual orientation. The 2019 Convention registration process asked a question on religious affiliation while the VDSS asked a question on labor union status and urban/rural habitation. The 2019-2020  meeting registration form asked the questions on religious affiliation along with the labor union status and urban/rural habitation questions.

*The questions in the VDSS are heavily based on the 2010 Census/OMB Guidelines, Revised Alternative “Suggested Employee Questionnaire” for Self-Identification of Race/Ethnicity from the Equal Employment Advisory Council/ U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Center for American Progress, and peer-reviewed research from Minnesota Population Center/the University of Minnesota. National Committee Demographic Data collected through the VDSS was collected from August 13th, 2019 to August 27th, 2019. 


Privacy Disclaimer: The Young Democrats of America is committed to protecting our member's privacy. We promise to keep all the information shared with us confidential. This information is used to determine if our outreach and inclusion efforts are reaching all segments of the population. All disclosed demographic information is anonymous in the aggregate in order to protect member’s privacy.