Mr. President, my family is lucky we survived the CA fire. We need courage, not finger-pointing.

A blog post by Justin D. Meyers.

I had less than 20 minutes to decide what to keep and what to leave behind.

I grabbed a handful of outfits, my phone and laptop, our two dogs, and cat. I realized that I needed to hold onto my passport and birth certificate.

And then, those few minutes were up, and my entire job was getting my family to safety. My mother and I had already loaded up my brother, a quadriplegic living with cerebral palsy and other complications. With his critical medical equipment and the few personal items we had time to grab loaded up, we set out on the evacuation route.


Young Democrats of America: Senate Democrats Must Prevent Stolen SCOTUS Pick from Denying Women’s Rights

The Young Democrats of America (YDA) tonight condemned illegitimate minority President Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court and encouraged Senate Democrats to use every tool at their disposal to prevent his appointment to the court.